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Gravity KS RD 1 - Polica pre stojany na klávesnicu typu X

• Extrémne robustná oceľová konštrukcia pre vyššiu stabilitu
• Rýchle a ľahké nastavenie
• Ideálne sa hodí pre DJ kontroléry, DJ mixpulty, notebooky atď.
• Otvory pre lepšie vetranie notebooku
• Maximálna výška 43 mm
• Šírka 1 000 mm
• Hĺbka 465 mm
• Max. zaťaženie 60 kg
• Vhodné pre priemer trubky 25 - 35 mm
• Váha 6,62 kg

Working with a laptop is all part of the day-to-day life of a DJ or studio technician, which is why the GKSRD1S support plate was designed for keyboard stands. It helps to keep your precious equipment fixed in place and protect it from falling, and like all other Gravity stands and tripods, its extremely solid and sturdy design will truly win you over.Measuring 100 cm wide and 48 cm deep, this powder-coated support plate offers enough space for virtually any type of set-up. At just over 6 kg in weight, it is not only extremely stable, but it can hold up to 60 kg. Take note here, however, that the X-stand itself can also accommodate just as much weight.... The Gravity KSX2, for example, is perfect for this purpose. The vents on the support plate's surface are just another well-thought-out detail: they help to cool laptops or other devices that generate a lot of heat. In terms of set-up, all you have to do is slide the upper bars of the keyboard stand into the slots located on the bottom middle of the support plate and then open the X-stand. There's absolutely no need to fasten or screw tight the support plate.


KS RD 1 - Polica pre stojany na klávesnicu typu X
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Extremely robust steel construction for increased stabilityQuick and easy set-upIdeally suited for DJ controllers, DJ mixing consoles, laptops, etc.Vents for better laptop ventilation