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Adam Hall Accessories FISX 8 X 40 S - Hmoždinka SX 6 x 30 so skrutkou

Priemer otvoru pre vŕtanie: 8 mm
• Min. hĺbka otvoru pre vŕtanie: 60 mm
• Váha: 0,007 kg

Due to four-way expansion, the fischer expansion plug SX optimally transfers forces into the building material. The high-quality nylon used in production and the typical expansion feature guarantee a secure, permanent connection. The edge on the head of the fixing prevents the fixing from slipping into the drill hole. The included screws are optimally matched to the fischer expansion plug SX. This guarantees a perfect fit, e.g. for lights, bars and for mounting wall mounts, speakers and permanent installations; they are a reliable anchor. It is an indispensable accessory for all situations where you need to rely on a strong and permanent bond when mounting. Package Units: 50 units

FISX 8 X 40 S - Hmoždinka SX 6 x 30 so skrutkou
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Optimum force transmission due to four-way expansion. This allows for high holding values in solid and hollow building materials. Simple to assemble: The edge of the plug prevents it from falling deeper into the drill hole No expansion pressure on the plug neck. This means that tiles or plaster are not damaged With the appropriate screw for maximum hold