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LD Systems IE HP 2 - Profesionálne slúchadlá do uší

Mimoriadne ľahké a profesionálne slúchadlá do uší so širokým rozsahom frekvenčných odoziev(20-18,000 Hz) a čistým a vyváženým zvukom. Sú veľmi dobre chránené proti vonkajšiemu hlukuĎalšie pohodlie zaisťuje veľkoryso dlhý 1,55 m kábel. Pozlátená zástrčka mini-TRS poskytuje spoľahlivé pripojenie.

A good monitor sound in which not only the musician who plays the loudest can be heard clearly, but also your own voice and instrument, is the basis for an excellent performance. Modern in-ear monitoring systems offer a wonderful solution for optimal stage sound. They also help reduce the high volume levels that musicians' ears are often subjected to both on stage and in rehearsal rooms. The IE HP 2 is an extremely light, professional stereo in-ear headphone that boasts a wide transmission range and a clear, balanced sound.The dynamic driver transmits distortion-free, harmonic frequencies ranging between 20 and 18,000 Hz. The optimised earpiece design ensures maximum environmental sound suppress...ion. Thanks to the silicon and foam design that comes included in three sizes, the IE HP 2 offers maximum shielding and optimal wearing comfort for almost any ear. Its low weight of just 16 grams guarantees comfortable in-ear wear, even over extended periods. And for those who move a lot on the stage, the removable (and exchangeable) 1.55 m cable offers maximum freedom of movement. Once a performance is over, the IE HP 2 in-ear headphone can be safely stored in the included transport case until it is needed again.


IE HP 2 - Profesionálne slúchadlá do uší
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Ideal shape and low weightOptimised in-ear design for maximum shieldingDynamic driver for a clear sound with deep bass frequencies (20-18,000 Hz)Flexible silicon and foam in-ear pieces includedRemovable 1.55 m cable for maximum freedom of movementGold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug