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DeSisti 2749.100 Broadlight Sada scrimov

Renoir 5000 W Broadlight Sada scrimov - nehrdzavejúca oceľ

2749.100 Broadlight Sada scrimov
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The Goya Daylight Broadlight Range was the first of its kind in the industry. The Goya is a multipurpose fixture offering a 90 degrees bam spread (approximately 1 ½ times wider than any Daylight Fresnel) that can operate in any position. In its standard configuration the GOYA provides an extremely wide lighting beam with an homogeneous field and high lighting efficiency, to permit a spread range of applications (for instance: base set light for large scenes to be illuminated at close distances, cyclorama or backgrounds, audience base lighting, large floor lighting, facedes lighting and so on), plus the ability to combine with front diffusing banks (like CHIMERA) and obtain a large homogeneous.
Compact, highly efficient the GOYA 2500/4000 W is a dual power BROAD LIGHT FOR Single ended Hot Re-strike metal halide discharge lamps of either 2500 W or 4000 W.