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DeSisti 2737.110 Úchyt na vysunutý rám na filtre

Renoir 2000 W Broadlight Úchyt na vysunutý rám na filtre

2737.110 Úchyt na vysunutý rám na filtre
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The Goya Daylight Broadlight Range was the first of its kind in the industry. The Goya is a multipurpose fixture offering a 90 degrees bam spread (approximately 1 ½ times wider than any Daylight Fresnel) that can operate in any position. In its standard configuration the GOYA provides an extremely wide lighting beam with an homogeneous field and high lighting efficiency, to permit a spread range of applications (for instance: base set light for large scenes to be illuminated at close distances, cyclorama or backgrounds, audience base lighting, large floor lighting, facedes lighting and so on), plus the ability to combine with front diffusing banks (like CHIMERA) and obtain a large homogeneous.
PHYSICAL: Brushed stainless steel anti-magnetic construction for noise reduction Double wall & internal baffle ventilation enables lighting base down to 60° from vertical position Finished with silver gray, high temperature, anti-scratch powder coat paint Locking rear knob protected by a safety cover for easy re-lamping Equipped with heavy duty rear & bottom mounted tubular skids Supplied with a UV safety glass & stainless steel wireguard Spring loaded integral barndoor holder with safety catch Flat aluminum yoke with 5/8” receiver Clutch activated T-handle for secure, single hand operation UL Listed